For Financial Professionals

As a financial professional you have sen your clients in circumstances where their affairs need to be reorganised

Sometimes you may not be concerned by the previous advice but equally you may clearly see that the previous advice has been unsuitable for your client and that losses may have been sustained.

You may not know what to do or whether your client needs to seek redress or not – to ensure that your client is best advised as to their options – and to ensure that you cannot be criticised for failing to signpost your client to appropriate advice.

I understand that most financial advisors are very familiar with their work and means of correcting prior poor advice. However, by obtaining proper legal advice you can protect yourself and your client from losing other legal rights as time passes.

The best advice your client can often receive is not to sue – but you want that to be for good reasons, not because your client waited too long and the time limits expired.

To avert these potential problems you can work with me as a barrister to make sure your client is fully advised about their options and can be confident that you’ve done the best you can for your client.