How to instruct me

Firstly – call my direct access clerks, Sam or Rory, at Clerksroom ( or 0800 755 5535 / 01823 704 095) to discuss your needs as they can work out what you need from me and ensure that my professional rules and obligations are complied with properly.

Sometimes my clerk may need to check with me before taking on your case but if this happens then they will get back to you quickly once we have spoken about taking your case on.

To get the best out of coming direct to a barrister you need to prepare your paperwork. See my guide to Briefing Counsel.

The most important issue is making sure that I have absolutely everything that may be relevant. This is because if I haven’t seen a document or been told about something then I can’t think about it when advising you – and if it turns out to be important later then this can affect you and your case.